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Tupelo Bay Disc Golf

Try a new kind of fun on the Par 3 course...Disc Golf!

Players use specially made plastic flying discs instead of balls and clubs. The discs are thrown for "par" at an above-ground target instead of a hole in the ground. There are different types of discs used for different purposes, much like ball golfers use different clubs.

The object is to throw a "golf disc" into the target, a steel basket over which chains hang, in the fewest number of throws. The player starts at a designated tee area moving toward the target with each shot (throw), each shot is made from the spot where the previous throw has landed. Finally, a successful ''putt" sends the disc into the target. The most satisfying sound a disc golfer can hear is the "ching!" of a disc crashing through the chains before dropping into the basket.

The cost for a 9-hole round is only $10.00 and a set of two discs can be rented for $2.00. This allows players to try disc golf without the expense of purchasing special equipment. For those of you who prefer to purchase your own equipment, we do have INNOVA Teebird, Shark and Cobra Pro Line Discs for sale at $8.99 each while supplies last.

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